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❝i'm not the girl you want, i'm not a debutante; i'm not a swan, pretty in a pond.


NAME: Stella Gibson
CANON: BBC's The Fall
AGE: 44 (26 Oct 1968)
HEIGHT: 5'3"
HAIR: Blond
EYES: Blue
DEMEANOR: Composed
RESIDENCE: London, England, UK


SEX: (kinks list)


NAME: Amber
CONTACT INFO: [ profile] galaxydust or PMs

full history ( under construction )

Stella Gibson is a high-ranking officer of London's Metropolitan Police, recently distinguished for her successful capture and imprisonment of a cannibal serial killer. Asked to review the progress of an investigation into the murder of a young female architect in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 2012, she instead discovers the murder is connected with a prior one — and when another woman is murdered, Stella finds she has a serial killer on her hands. Tasked with finding and capturing the killer before he can take any more lives, she finds herself stepping foot into a game of cat-and-mouse, becoming a hunter on the trail of her prey — handsome, charming, seemingly likeable Paul Spector, an apparently upstanding family man who lives a double life as a serial murderer.

( Scorpio | ESTJ | Type Eight | Lawful Good )

Confident, assertive, self-controlled and with a need to be in control, emotionally restrained to the point of occasionally seeming icy. Extraordinarily private; carefully guards details of her personal life and avoids discussing herself with those who haven't earned her hard-won trust. Extremely well-educated. Prone to mild, sarcastic humor, though some people find it a surprise she can take a joke or make one at all. Dedicated to her work to the point of single-minded focus; can come off as obsessed or overly invested. Used to giving orders and expecting them to be followed; unused to being told what to do. Sexually confident, with a penchant for one night stands (especially with colleagues) and something of a disregard for the effect that might have on other people or on her work; largely disinterested in romantic relationships. Extremely low tolerance for sexism, misogyny, and other forms of belittling or shaming women. Distrustful of men as a group, but able to respect and even befriend individual men once they prove themselves. Capable of quite a lot of kindness and compassion toward friends, children, and crime victims — but usually restrained in expressing these sentiments. Highly conscious of vulnerabilities in others and easily affected by witnessing the trauma or suffering of others, especially women and children, but attempts to avoid appearing so in public. Prefers honesty and straightforwardness but has been known to lie to protect her privacy or evade discussing something that is not anyone else's business but hers.

LAW ENFORCEMENT SKILLS. Including but not limited to: processing crime scenes, collecting evidence, offender profiling, victimology, self-defense and firearms training (in the course of her regular duties she doesn't carry a gun, but it's clear after she's issued one in Belfast and goes to the firing range to practice that she has been trained), interview/interrogation skills, deductive reasoning, written and verbal communications skills, and general common sense. To extrapolate, this makes her very good at analyzing disparate pieces of information to get a sense of a bigger picture, talking and listening to other people -- especially pinpointing when she is being deliberately deceived or misled -- and coordinating groups of people to focus on a single task or set of tasks. Stella has primarily worked in crimes against women and is especially familiar with crimes involving male-on-female homicide, rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

HIGHER EDUCATION. Stella is highly educated and has a number of university degrees; she herself says she has "hundreds," which may or may not be an exaggeration. Canonically, we know her first degree was in anthropology; I typically headcanon a degree in psychology as well, with a later speciality in criminal psychology once she settled on law enforcement as a career, which would explain the acuity of some of her personal insights regarding other characters and especially Paul Spector, the subject of her investigation.

SWIMMING/PHYSICAL FITNESS. Stella swims laps on a daily basis as a form of self-discipline, stress relief, and for her own pleasure, and is an excellent swimmer and in general quite physically fit.

SPEECH/ACCENT. Low-pitched alto, almost whispery, with a clear, crisp Received Pronunciation accent. Educated diction with rare slang usage, except for the part where she uses profanity like word seasoning. Examples.

FASHION/DRESS. Classy as hell: lots of silk blouses, tailored trousers, pencil skirts, high heels and longline coats. Lace and satin underwear almost without exception. For bed, an expensive silk robe and either a low-cut, long cotton nightdress or a very simple, very casual set of camisole top or T-shirt and pajama bottoms. Examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6

APPEARANCE/COSMETIC. Immaculately made up almost without fail, hair blow-dried and styled and makeup neat and clean. Prefers soft, professional shades of eyeshadow and lipcolor, typically neutrals or light pinks, and just enough eyeliner and mascara to highlight the shape of her eyes without calling too much attention. Avoids jewelry and almost never wears fragrance. Left to her own devices, paints her nails with a clear coat or an almost invisible neutral pink.